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You are a witch, competing with your archrival to see who’s the witchiest of them all. Join a hectic potion-making-off where speed is of essence, but stay calm; your friends the wisps are here to help!

Player 1 controls
WASD - move
E - empty the shelf and finish a potion
SPACE - pick up items

Player 2 controls
RIGHT SHIFT - empty the shelf and finish a potion
RIGHT CTRL - pick up items

ESC - pause

Use the recipes to make different potions and add special effects to your opponent! Drag the ingredients to your side table and press the empty key to make potions. You must have the right combinations. It is recommended to have the recipe book on a second screen for most flexibility. 


PotionPanic!_Recipebook.pdf 1 MB
PotionPanic!_Game.zip 46 MB


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I would love to play this, but I can't empty a shelf, so unfortunately I can't rate your game.

We are so sorry to hear this. The shelf seems to be working perfectly for some players, and not at all for others. We have to look into fixing this bug. But thank you so much for trying out the game, we appreciate it a lot!

/Kiwi Bckman, producer of Potion Panic!